Writing Poems Circular and Love Fiction MMA: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart

Honestly, I hope that title confuses you as much it does me. Well, as much as it does at certain moments. Because there are moments of clarity. I would want you to be a little confused not because I’m cruel in the things I share, but rather, because of the fact something appears to beContinue reading “Writing Poems Circular and Love Fiction MMA: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart”

And So It Must Continue to Fall: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart

You know you’ve been spoiled with far too many soft winters in recent years when you hit late January and you’re thinking, hey all this snow has gotta stop sometime soon. But here I sit by the narrows of the Detroit River with another snowfall on its way here and still daydreaming of warmer andContinue reading “And So It Must Continue to Fall: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart”

From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart: A Homecoming of Sorts

It’s been a little while since I took a crack at this blog, so some forgiveness might be order from whatever audience I might have left.  But you will hopefully be a little more understanding once I lay out some of the reasons for this absence. Shortly after the previous post my wife and IContinue reading “From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart: A Homecoming of Sorts”

Some Notes From Irvington

Just some quick updates from Irvington, Indianapolis for y’all. The next series of short fiction works (mainly centered around the Gallatin Valley in Montana and Southern Ontario) are reaching their final stages before they are thesis readable. The first of the year should be able to see me through to get this guys rounded up.Continue reading “Some Notes From Irvington”

Still at it, I swear

So here’s the deal with working on two Masters Degrees, teaching, buying a house, and trying to finish up a manuscript of short stories: Well, you’re blogging life becomes rather limited, if non-existent. But on the upside, this means that there is a clear and significant amount of goodies to report on. First, we’re onContinue reading “Still at it, I swear”

A Nice Reminder From John Haines

I was putting together my W203 Creative Writing syllabus for the fall and have been focusing on Rocky Mountain state writers. Naturally, sometime after Rick Bass I found poet John Haines’ work and have been spending sometime nosing around his work for stuff that is teachable. To say there is a lot would be aContinue reading “A Nice Reminder From John Haines”

Much to Be Caught Up On: New Poems to Be Published

Had to take a wee break from this whole blogging thing. I’m working on Library Science Degree and getting ready to finish work on my Fiction Manuscript for my MFA out here at good ol’ IU. All in all the summer has been pretty busy, which explains a lot in terms of not getting atContinue reading “Much to Be Caught Up On: New Poems to Be Published”