And So It Must Continue to Fall: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart

View from the office the snow fed world that we hide from.

You know you’ve been spoiled with far too many soft winters in recent years when you hit late January and you’re thinking, hey all this snow has gotta stop sometime soon. But here I sit by the narrows of the Detroit River with another snowfall on its way here and still daydreaming of warmer and sunnier days. But these days aren’t all bad. Perhaps as a writer these should be counted among some of true gifts.

I can hear it said right now “A gift you say?” But the fact is that with the winter going the way it has been been their has been much less playtime beyond the warm and friendly home office than usual. Which basically translates to a lot of quieter times reading or contemplating the nature of the universe in your living room recliner or could-be-more-comfortable desk chair in your office.  For me,  this has been somewhat the case. With a newborn at home and piecing together a salary to take care of the family out of three very awesome part-time jobs has often left me at a loss for time on my creative writing projects.  But this snow and persistent winter, well it has opened some pathways to revise some old work and get down to some old fashioned reading.

These means that, yes, some of my work is currently making its first rounds to the various open submissions.  Editing and revision time means that finally some of the rougher stuff has become polished enough to see daylight and hopefully get to share the page (either print or digital) with the work of other fine artists out there.  So to those of you kind readers and editors that are currently having this new work forced on you, please try to enjoy the time that winter has carved out for me and my work. You must also know that I’m working through some Indiana withdrawals and some new found hyper sensitive explorations of southeastern Michigan and southwestern Ontario.  With your help, maybe I’ll get through them.

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