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This City at the Crossroads (Black Moss Press, 2017)WebcoverCityAtCrossroads
ISBN: 978-0-88753-578-9
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This is the promised land in all its grit and its nostalgic glory, from the shores of the White River to the constellations of an Indianapolis skyline. The Hoosier answer to Carl Sandburg’s cornerstone poem “Chicago,” This City at the Crossroads is part love song, part meditation on the things we have to leave behind. Through the emergence of mythic men like Lightning Hopkins, T.C. Steele, and Freddie Hubbard from the physical landscape the promise of place that many see as a crossroads rather than a home becomes the motherland we all wish that we had.

Praise for This City at the Crossroads:

“D. A. Lockhart’s poems tell the stories that we take granted, misunderstand, or outright fail to notice. This City at the Crossroads is a series of signposts, showing us where to look. We ask ourselves, where are these stories? Who is telling them? The answers are here.” – Paul Vermeersch, author of Don’t Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something (ECW 2014) and The Reinvention of the Human Hand (McClelland and Stewart 2010)

“This extraordinary collection showcases D.A. Lockhart as a natural storyteller and engages the reader with richly layered poems synchronizing geological history, a wild colonial past and the controversial contemporary life of Indianapolis, at times satirizing it. Lockhart spins his poems in rhythmical phrases, expressing an intricately textured language and a jazz-like stream of imagery creating scenes of remarkable lyrical beauty in which he celebrates its ordinary citizens, jazz musicians, baseball heroes, artists and writers.” – Laurence Hutchman, author of Two Maps of Emory (Black Moss Press 2016) and recipient of  the Alden Nowlen Award for Excellence.

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Big Medicine Comes To Erie (Black Moss Press, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0-88753-564-2
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Big Medicine Comes to Erie is a poetic exploration of modern day Southwestern Ontario from the viewpoint of a Lenne Lenaape speaker. Lockhart takes the reader on a journey through time. Touching on major events throughout history, the lyric poetry paints a picture of the Delaware peoples’ migration to the region and the manner in which they continue to inhabit the region.

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