Small Tribute to Norway’s Current Olympic Showing: Poetry from the Pennisula

Fire on the Mountain. Mountains and snow and sunsets and Norwegian Poetry. credit: “Sunset” by Scott Kublin

Those that know me,  know that I have a place in my heart for Norway.  Sure, the family I married into can trace their roots to the said country. I was lucky enough to study Norwegian under a FLAS while at IU and still to this day I believe the Norge Polar Bear hockey sweater to be amoungst the best out there.  So given their current total count lead and all this snow making me think of the mountains of Montana, I give you Halvar Roll’s Fjellet i mars (The mountains in March):

Fjellet i mars                                                    The mountains in March

Den store vinterrosen                                The great rose of winter
ruller over himmelen                                   rolls across the heavens
og setter fyr pa krystallene                      and sets the crystals on fire
med isnende kyss.                                          with icy kisses.

trans. Judith Jesch.

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