Some Notes From Irvington

Just some quick updates from Irvington, Indianapolis for y’all. The next series of short fiction works (mainly centered around the Gallatin Valley in Montana and Southern Ontario) are reaching their final stages before they are thesis readable. The first of the year should be able to see me through to get this guys rounded up. This is a very nice break from the toil of the last semester. On the upside from the semester, I managed to produce two decent research papers: One on the Vatican influence over the forms of literacy pre-1450 and the other or the current characteristics of On-Line Lit Journals (not all pretty by the way). What can I say though, the academic root just doesn’t feel right for me. They were both a struggle and I feel much, much better returning my attention back to the fiction work.

For anyone from Indy and more specifically Irvington, I was up on Washington Ave out this way doing some Christmas shopping (at Homespun, great, great, store for handmade/homemade stuff) and found out from the clerk there that the Washington Ave Streetscape work should starting either this Spring or Summer. No official designs for the project are up (it doesn’t look like they were due to the city until Dec. 15) but come this time next year Irvington’s main drag should have much classier front to it. I’ve heard tree lined medians and historic light fixtures. There are some great businesses on the stretch between Arlington and Ritter (and a few outside of this stretch) that will really benefit from these renos. I’ll post some plans if and when I come across them. Can’t say enough how much this little urban/neighbourhood downtowns matter to a community and to a city. I’m glad to be living in a city that sees some importance in these.

That’s all for now. Everyone have a great holidays.

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