Adherents to the Lyrics of the Places We’ve Lived: Notes on the Second Book.

So today it is. This is official release date for my second poetry collection, This City at the Crossroads. This is that moment where the writer rejoices, embraces the idea that their work has been brought forth to the world, and all the toil behind it is officially brought from the private shadow into theContinue reading “Adherents to the Lyrics of the Places We’ve Lived: Notes on the Second Book.”

Some Notes From Irvington

Just some quick updates from Irvington, Indianapolis for y’all. The next series of short fiction works (mainly centered around the Gallatin Valley in Montana and Southern Ontario) are reaching their final stages before they are thesis readable. The first of the year should be able to see me through to get this guys rounded up.Continue reading “Some Notes From Irvington”

Duckpin Bowling You Say

So the Mrs. is a science teacher up in Indy. Which means that we get in a good number of trips every month up that way for socializing purposes. Tonight was her first staff get together in the Circle City and got to experience the wonders of Duckpin bowling Hoosier style. Basically you tossed thisContinue reading “Duckpin Bowling You Say”