Duckpin Bowling You Say

The Very Cool Sign Seen from Prospect St. Sidewalk

So the Mrs. is a science teacher up in Indy. Which means that we get in a good number of trips every month up that way for socializing purposes. Tonight was her first staff get together in the Circle City and got to experience the wonders of Duckpin bowling Hoosier style. Basically you tossed this slightly larger than softball size bowling-type balls at some very small pines. You get three tosses to knock down ten of the them and you score it like bowling otherwise. It’s pretty sweet on the whole. We hooked up the action in Fountain Square, and played on the fourth floor of the alley which really gave some great skyline views of the downtown. The place is on Prospect and has been pretty much a staple since 1928. Very cool, very “preserved” Indiana feel to the place. Indianapolis still keeps surprising us. It’s a very cool place to spend an evening.

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