Semester Wrap-Up and The Big Move

The big move is finally done and we’ve settled into our great little 134-year-old house here in Indianapolis. All of this should mean much, much more time to dedicate to writing, a much, much needed change of pace from the previous few months. On the rather serious upside, two new poems of mine (“Through the Magic City” and “Gravel Lot Above Crow Agency”) are due out in Spring in Front Range. All those Montanans out there can pick up easily as this cool publication is out of Great Falls up your way. This marks my second time in this fine publication. They do an excellent job out there.

I’ll be back on the manuscript wagon after I finish up the last paper of the semester. It’s a content analysis of on-line literary journals. Really just trying to see if it’s possible to define a genre of web sites for these guys. Get a little bit of a picture of what is actually going on out there in the publishing world. The first major round of this will be done by Thursday. Fingers are crossed about this one.

Lastly, I’m firing back up the Gooch Hill Brewery. Those of my Bozeman friends out there might recall the glory days of brewing back in 2005/2006. With a great space in the two car garage here in Irvington the restart is a natural. I’ll be going all-grain. Pictures will be posted of the set-up after we get it all set up.

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