Still at it, I swear

So here’s the deal with working on two Masters Degrees, teaching, buying a house, and trying to finish up a manuscript of short stories: Well, you’re blogging life becomes rather limited, if non-existent. But on the upside, this means that there is a clear and significant amount of goodies to report on. First, we’re on the move to Indianapolis. We’ve purchased a 144-year-old home in Irvington and will be Hoosier our lives up there in quite short order. Indy is much, much better than city than most of the world could possibly imagine. The next bit is that I’ve had some considerable additions to my list of publications. All poems, I have pieces forthcoming in the Sugar House Review (“Letter to Gzowski from Bancroft” in fall 2011), another in the Windsor Review (“Off-Season in Gardner, MT also in fall 2011), and most recently one in Paradigm Journal (“Mission to the Hurons”). I’m about two thirds of the way to compiling a full length poetry collection. But given the time constraints given over by the short story manuscript, I’ve got hold off these boys for awhile. I probably won’t be finishing anything of this order off until the summer of next year at the earliest. That’s it for the quick update. I will be back on with more notes of interest hopefully before Christmas.

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