From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart: A Homecoming of Sorts

It’s been a little while since I took a crack at this blog, so some forgiveness might be order from whatever audience I might have left.  But you will hopefully be a little more understanding once I lay out some of the reasons for this absence. Shortly after the previous post my wife and I discovered that we were expecting a little one in our lives and we started to have to do all that planning that parents-to-be must do. Most specifically, we had to consider what was best for our budding family and take stock in the place that we had chosen for our home. After considerable deliberation we came to conclusion that we to pull up stakes and relocate to my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. To say that the current political climate in the United States, or at least the one in Indiana, played no role in that decision would be a lie. The gun play, consolidation of economic growth in the hands of the few, the erosion of workers’ rights, and the disgusting condition of medical coverage all loomed large in our decision. As Canadian citizen, I could find no better time to end my great American experiment than with the approaching birth of our child.

So after selling our home and leaving a group of wonderful and inspirational people in our adoptive Hoosier home we set up shop in the Southside of Windsor.  It has been hectic in the way that coping with immigration (for the Mrs.) and setting up shop in a new community can be.  But it has been one that has paid its dividends well in innumerable little ways that need not be explored in great depth here. Perhaps, it would be best to simply to say that the next chapter began here a few months back.  Being so close to the beautiful and resilient city of Detroit and the vibrant and optimistic American energy that the proximity brings with it will help to fuel that next chapter. The work and general life schedule appears to be slowing down enough to catch a breath and continue much of the book review work and other passing thoughts that I once posted here much more freely. Look forward to a much more engaged site, one that explores that new world of work, literature, art, and perhaps a little parenthood.

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