Manuscripts Abound and the Waning Darkness of Winter: From the Desk of D.A. Lockhart

Not quite the same as the ones I’m looking at. But who doesn’t get a little jacked up over a manuscript?

It’s been a busy week at ’round the desk.  The press has picked up a second book this week and we’re putting the final touches on the Nicholson manuscript. The press is also officially situated in Detroit with some serious thought to opening a Windsor/Canadian branch in the near future.  In short,  we are going to be looking at the logistics and paperwork of running an international literary press. If it’s doable, expect to hear more about this. In the meantime, know that the press is on target for getting three books out this year. So busy, yeah.

And as for the rest? Well,  starting to turn up the heat on finishing up the early draft of the Circle City Satoris poetry collection.  It’s a tentative title, in the way that any early manuscript needs to have a title to designate from that mass of other poems you have floating out there. This is important because after only a relatively short go in terms of numbers of years, the amounts of useful poetic material starts to pile up.  The librarian in me needs to put these things in order,  so names work in that sense. Guess you could say that one third of all writing amounts to organizing the copious amounts of crap that come out of process. There are also the beginnings of an Ontario collection entitled “Between Shining Waters.” Well, you get the drift. The organization and hopefully final touches are on their way.

Which all means that there must be a lifting of winter darkness somewhere in the air. Daylight savings is in effect which generally improves the light situation. Although, given the current snowfall in the Midwest it seems to have done little to chase away the winter. If we are looking for something positive of this snowfall, we could consider the snow to be God’s way of patching up all those potholes.  Well, back to these manuscripts.

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