Look out it’s Freddie Hubbard time.

Ok, so I grew up in the metro Detroit area and remember sitting around on many weeknight listening to the rather classic Ed Love Program on WDET. He was always a big fan of Freddie Hubbard and used to play a great number of Hubbard’s tracks, particularly so when old Ed Love was feeling a little more on the energetic side of things. Anyways sitting around after a good feed on some homemade Pho, I was really grooving out some Hubbard while working on a couple of revisions. While the Pho was fantastic and do plan on throwing up the recipe in a few days time, I just plain old felt like sharing a little Hubbard with the world.

Freddie Hubbard was from nearby Indianapolis and actually got his start with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Hubbard is really cooking through this classic on the trumpet nice and early in this piece. I’m fairly sure it’s from a Blue Note DVD. Basically a little love being thrown your way from Hoosier land. Enjoy.

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