Theatre Time and the Slow Burning Approach of Summer

We apparently have a nicely sized mass of thunderstorms on their way here from St.Louis-way. An event which, to me in some part, marks the slow march of summer our way. Of course, the flowers and plants are starting to come back round again, so that might be a more major source of this belief. Thunderstorms are just so much more writerly. The Mrs. and I went out to our last play of the current IU season and were blown away by this one. This one was Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, a play ostensibly about baseball and the role of gender in it. Of course there are much broader issues the play raises (sport and culture, escapism, isolation and community, etc.), but you get the basic drift of it all. Regardless, the cast and crew put on a very impressive performance. One that earned the first standing ovation I’ve seen this semester. Better even, given the fact the play was sold out. Great play and even better troop.

Still working a couple of manuscripts here. The new bit of experimentation is a narrative series of poems and about a fiction Bonspiel (Curling Tournament) in Northern Manitoba. I have to a working manuscript together in about a week or so and I am about halfway there. The Olympic curling bug got in my head, I’m trying to shake it with this piece. It was a fun thing to work through nonetheless. I’ll report some progresses back in a bit.

One last thing. I love to leave off with music. As I’m showing Life Aquatic for my comp classes this week, this song has become lodged in my head. Last week the film was Star Trek (2009). Doing the exploration of historical contextualism and the fictions we can create around our representations of our past and present. Well, that’s a rather large aside. Here’s Sigur Ros, the Icelandic post-pop now-on-hiatus band.

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