Theatre Time and the Slow Burning Approach of Summer

We apparently have a nicely sized mass of thunderstorms on their way here from St.Louis-way. An event which, to me in some part, marks the slow march of summer our way. Of course, the flowers and plants are starting to come back round again, so that might be a more major source of this belief.Continue reading “Theatre Time and the Slow Burning Approach of Summer”

Look out it’s Freddie Hubbard time.

Ok, so I grew up in the metro Detroit area and remember sitting around on many weeknight listening to the rather classic Ed Love Program on WDET. He was always a big fan of Freddie Hubbard and used to play a great number of Hubbard’s tracks, particularly so when old Ed Love was feeling aContinue reading “Look out it’s Freddie Hubbard time.”