The First One – And We’re Off And Running

A great illumination so often starts with a whimper. Perhaps so with this page. Amidst a rather thoroughly cold spring day in Indiana, I’m taking a breath from the revision of a fiction piece I had in workshop last September. As promised in my most recent publication in Front Range, it is one of those instrumental pieces in the collection on Gallatin County, MT that I’m putting together. “Stuck Outside of Norris with the Holy Bucket Blues” is a long but perhaps nothing more than working title for piece. Very few things are worse than talking about an unfinished piece of fiction. Back to the break though. We’ve planted the garden here on 12th street and with any luck we’ll avoid a heavy frost and our first round of winter veggies will start sprouting. We’ll be having a tonne more flowers this year. Well, if the seeds some up. So pictures of our set-up to follow.

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