Kicking at the Roots with Dick Hugo’s Montana of Yore.

So the last time I posted there, I had definitely started in on little bit of “look at my roots as a writer” action by talking about Richard Hugo. And lo and behold, I’ve found myself returning to him a lot more this week. The collection of poems I’m working on, “Devil in the Woods,” is based structurally on his 31 Letters and 13 Dreams collection, so that without doubt helps in this current affinity for his work. I’m still working with a good deal with Heaney and Ortiz and Harjo, but Hugo is haunting me. So much so, I have to share this film with y’all.

Honest, this one of Montana PBS’s finest here. It’s a real retro piece that showcases the type of Montana that my extended family and many of those that I shared my time out there always talked about. More importantly though, it helps you get a better sense of the man and his work that is Richard Hugo. If you daydream about the great American or already have a affinity for Richard Hugo and his work this an hour well spent.

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