Much to Be Caught Up On: New Poems to Be Published

Had to take a wee break from this whole blogging thing. I’m working on Library Science Degree and getting ready to finish work on my Fiction Manuscript for my MFA out here at good ol’ IU. All in all the summer has been pretty busy, which explains a lot in terms of not getting at this thing. We recently tried to purchase a house in Indianapolis’ Rocky Ripple neighbourhood, but the deal fell through and alas, here we are still in B-town for another year. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be, and some places just might not be for some people. Indy, I still love you, but I’m gonna have to move on.

Over the last week, the Hawk and Whippoorwill took two of my poems: “A Natural Violence” and “Pool Beneath the Old Bathhouse” for their upcoming issue. The journal is based out of Boston and is one I’m really looking forward to having my work appear in. Consider these guys if you’re hunt for a new journal to subscribe to. If you’re a writer and submit to places you should also be subscribing. In the very least it’s throwing good karma back your way. More importantly though, you’re support your fellow writers and editors.

Indiana has been sweltering (like much of the rest of country, mind you) over the past couple of days. A heat wave that should have kept you inside doing some reading or writing or whatever kind of craft you enjoy setting your mind too. I’ve peaking around at the Pushcart Prize 2010 collection this last little bit. Griel Marcus’ essay is worth a look as is Paul Muldoon’s piece. I’d prefer not to talk about the centre justified poem in terms of format. But then again, just putting that last sentence says something. On the whole with the Pushcart collection thus far, I have to say I’m not overly excited. It is a big collection through and I have some work to get through with it.

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