A Nice Reminder From John Haines

I was putting together my W203 Creative Writing syllabus for the fall and have been focusing on Rocky Mountain state writers. Naturally, sometime after Rick Bass I found poet John Haines’ work and have been spending sometime nosing around his work for stuff that is teachable. To say there is a lot would be aContinue reading “A Nice Reminder From John Haines”

Duckpin Bowling You Say

So the Mrs. is a science teacher up in Indy. Which means that we get in a good number of trips every month up that way for socializing purposes. Tonight was her first staff get together in the Circle City and got to experience the wonders of Duckpin bowling Hoosier style. Basically you tossed thisContinue reading “Duckpin Bowling You Say”

Much to Be Caught Up On: New Poems to Be Published

Had to take a wee break from this whole blogging thing. I’m working on Library Science Degree and getting ready to finish work on my Fiction Manuscript for my MFA out here at good ol’ IU. All in all the summer has been pretty busy, which explains a lot in terms of not getting atContinue reading “Much to Be Caught Up On: New Poems to Be Published”

A Balloon is a Circle and Compass Both – Ben Greenman

Some Thoughts About Greenman’s A Balloon is a Circle and Compass Both: Just finished up this collection for workshop this week and figured it at least worth a few notes on the web. On the whole Greenman does some pretty fun work here. The Editor of the New Yorker that Greenman is comes through perhapsContinue reading “A Balloon is a Circle and Compass Both – Ben Greenman”

Theatre Time and the Slow Burning Approach of Summer

We apparently have a nicely sized mass of thunderstorms on their way here from St.Louis-way. An event which, to me in some part, marks the slow march of summer our way. Of course, the flowers and plants are starting to come back round again, so that might be a more major source of this belief.Continue reading “Theatre Time and the Slow Burning Approach of Summer”

Look out it’s Freddie Hubbard time.

Ok, so I grew up in the metro Detroit area and remember sitting around on many weeknight listening to the rather classic Ed Love Program on WDET. He was always a big fan of Freddie Hubbard and used to play a great number of Hubbard’s tracks, particularly so when old Ed Love was feeling aContinue reading “Look out it’s Freddie Hubbard time.”

The First One – And We’re Off And Running

A great illumination so often starts with a whimper. Perhaps so with this page. Amidst a rather thoroughly cold spring day in Indiana, I’m taking a breath from the revision of a fiction piece I had in workshop last September. As promised in my most recent publication in Front Range, it is one of thoseContinue reading “The First One – And We’re Off And Running”