A Little Torture With My Pirates: A Review of the Isle of 100,000 Graves

Vehlmann and Jason’s Isle of 100,000 Graves Fantagraphic Books, May 2011 ISBN 978-1-600699-442-9 Really, how could I have walked on by a graphic novel on the new shelf with a pirate ship and the mention of 100,000 graves and not pick it up. And so I found myself in the midst of another hectic weekendContinue reading “A Little Torture With My Pirates: A Review of the Isle of 100,000 Graves”

St. Pats Harbourfront Golden Ale – First Brew of 2011

After much previous hype, I’ve finally re-entered the homebrew ring. (First time since 2005) And given the new digs in Irvington and recent growing group of homebrewers we have put together the time seemed right. So here it is, the basic info on the first batch of what I’ll tentatively call the Naptown Ale Works:Continue reading “St. Pats Harbourfront Golden Ale – First Brew of 2011”

Teaching, Professional, and some thoughts inspired by Richard Dreyfus on NPR

For those of you who know me know that I often struggle with the idea that academia sets a notion of standards for education. And not that I come down against the idea of having standards for education. Far from it, I feel like there must be specific criteria to make any notion of educationContinue reading “Teaching, Professional, and some thoughts inspired by Richard Dreyfus on NPR”

Some Notes From Irvington

Just some quick updates from Irvington, Indianapolis for y’all. The next series of short fiction works (mainly centered around the Gallatin Valley in Montana and Southern Ontario) are reaching their final stages before they are thesis readable. The first of the year should be able to see me through to get this guys rounded up.Continue reading “Some Notes From Irvington”

Semester Wrap-Up and The Big Move

The big move is finally done and we’ve settled into our great little 134-year-old house here in Indianapolis. All of this should mean much, much more time to dedicate to writing, a much, much needed change of pace from the previous few months. On the rather serious upside, two new poems of mine (“Through theContinue reading “Semester Wrap-Up and The Big Move”

Still at it, I swear

So here’s the deal with working on two Masters Degrees, teaching, buying a house, and trying to finish up a manuscript of short stories: Well, you’re blogging life becomes rather limited, if non-existent. But on the upside, this means that there is a clear and significant amount of goodies to report on. First, we’re onContinue reading “Still at it, I swear”

Follow-up to Gordon Hempton and Acoustic Ecologies

I received a  comment from filmmaker Nick Sherman about the previous posting. He’s made a film titled Soundtracker that follows Gordon Hempton and his quest to capture soundscapes. It looks very cool and thought anyone out there reading the last post might be in to seeing this film. It is available via Netflix. Soundtracker trailer:

Accoustic Ecology and Thoughts about Place

I was reading through the September 2010 issue of The Sun and came across this great interview with Gordon Hempton about Acoustic Ecology and the place of silence and noise in our environment. It’s funny for us because we live less than 200 feet from an active rail line and have neighbours that love toContinue reading “Accoustic Ecology and Thoughts about Place”

Quick Review: The Name of the Nearest River: Stories

So, I do my usual thing when in the Library over a rather protracted heatwave. I look for books that I might enjoy and something that most notably might help me cobble together my thesis for this MFA I’m working on. Such is the case with Alex Taylor’s The Name of the Nearest River: Stories.Continue reading “Quick Review: The Name of the Nearest River: Stories”

A Nice Reminder From John Haines

I was putting together my W203 Creative Writing syllabus for the fall and have been focusing on Rocky Mountain state writers. Naturally, sometime after Rick Bass I found poet John Haines’ work and have been spending sometime nosing around his work for stuff that is teachable. To say there is a lot would be aContinue reading “A Nice Reminder From John Haines”